Individualized strategies for medicine and medical technology (Subproject: Polymer support in stroke and aneurysm treatment)

Individual, patient-specific adaptation of treatment concerns medicine and medical technology at all levels of diagnostic and therapeutic action. Information about the patient is collected using sensors and analytical methods, and a patient-specific therapy is derived from this. A patient-specific approach also includes continuous adaptation of therapy during recovery.

The scientists of IPM are developing novel materials for the treatment of aneurysms. This involves the development of novel hydrogels for wound closure with the overall goal of treating cerebral aneurysms. The material developed will be designed to be applied to the patient using commercially available microcatheters to treat cerebral aneurysms.

The polymers will be chemically and physicomechanically characterized, tested for biocompatibility, and investigated in in-vitro models as part of the project. The materials are expected to provide better aneurysm filling with improved regeneration and endothelialization as well as reduced recurrence with lower risk application. Suitable individualized patient-specific solutions for the treatment of different aneurysms (different polymers with different re-endothelialization properties or stem cell binding) will be developed.

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The project is part of CoHMed and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and
Research (BMBF) within the program FH-Impuls 2016, FKZ FKZ 13FH5I06IA



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