Functional lateral flow arrays for the identification of multi-resistant pathogens

Increasing numbers of antibiotic-resistant pathogens is a challenge for the healthcare system. Identification of pathogens and selection of adequate antibiotics are crucial to ensure successful treatment of infections with resistant microorganisms. Therapeutic success may be negatively affected if ineffective antibiotics are used. The aim of “FlowArray” is to develop functional multiplex lateral flow microarrays (LFMAs) for point-of-care (POC) analysis of infections with resistant pathogens. POC tests are designed to be used directly at patient care and do not require high-end laboratory equipment to perform and interpret the tests. The LFMAs developed will not only be used to identify pathogens and determine existing resistances, but also to determine effective inhibitors through activity tests. The microarray format allows identification of a variety of different pathogens, their resistances, and effective inhibitors on a single test strip. A fast and reliable evaluation of the test will be performed with a modern data analysis based on machine learning. Accordingly, the project is developing a smartphone app that can quickly and easily evaluate photos of the test strip on site and enable therapy decisions to be made quickly.

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Furtwangen University
Scienion AG


    The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the FHprofUnt2018 funding line, FKZ 13FH121PX8



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