Selected current projects

  1. Multiplex Lateral Flow Assays for Personalized Medicine (MultiFlow)
    funded by BMBF (FHprofUnt)
  2. In-Vitro Translation Organtoxic metabolic biomarker of liver failure from clinical and experimental specimens 
    funded by BfR
  3. InterSept – POC analysis for intervention studies on the personalized intensive care treatment of sepsis patients
    funded by BMBF
  4. Effects of alternative training technologies on chronic back pain in back pain patients with special consideration of their sustainability 
    funded by the DFG

Selected completed projects

  1. Patient-specific clinical decision support systems for organ failure (PATIENTS)
    funded by BMBF (FHprofUnt)
  2. Robust Risk Estimation
    funded by the Volkswagen Foundation
  3. FastDiagnosis – Point of care sepsis diagnosis by spectroscopic pathogen identification and multiplex detection of biomarkers 
    funded by BMBF
  4. ARGES – age-dependent inflammatory responses after stroke 
    funded under FP6-2004-LIFESCIHEALTH-5 (EU).
  5. MAQC-II – Microarray Quality Control (phase II) 
    Member of the Regulatory Biostatistics Working Group (RBWG) 
    funded by FDA